LES – Light Emitting Glass

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Technology Category:
Facade and Envelope
Technology Supplier:
Facade Global Master Pte Ltd
Suitability in Existing Building/New Development:
Existing Building , New Development
Suitability Climate Zones
Hot and humid , Hot and dry
Last Update Date
03/27/2019 16:15:31
Technology Keywords
Glass, curtain wall, billboards, façade, ceiling and skylights, façade lighting
Technology Description
LES Glass – Light Emitting Surfaces, produced with advanced printed lighting technology. This product provides a uniform dispersion of light across large surface. It also provides flexible backlight to any surface shape without rigid backing.
Estimated Life Time
1 years
Estimated Lead Time
0 month
Technology Features
Heat, glare and light pollution are the biggest turn-off for most lighting system. LES is developed especially to address this technology gap, bringing comfort and romance light into your living space.
Technology Advantages
The LES glass does not emit heat and ultraviolet. 
No strobing effects. 
Long life span. 
Low energy consumption.

Technology Limitation