Funding Opportunities


The SLEB – Building Energy Efficient Demonstrations Scheme (SLEB-Demo) serves to demonstrate novel energy-efficient technologies that have not been widely implemented locally in actual operating buildings. SLEB-Demo aims to link up building owners and technology providers in order to establish platforms where industry can test and showcase these technologies to generate local performance data for verification. In doing so, we hope that these demonstrated technologies, if successful, would be replicated in other buildings and eventually, commercialised.


SLEB-Demo is opened to all Singapore registered companies, institutions and the public sector.

The project team shall comprise the following members

The Host

The developer or building owner, who is also the Lead Applicant of the scheme.

Industry Partner or Technology supplier

To supply the novel technology.


Either from the technology supplier or academia to study the demonstration project.


The proposed technology must fulfil the following criteria: Must have potential to save at least 20% of energy compared to best-in-class technology. (Best-in-class refers to technology that is commercially available in the market that is pegged to Green Mark Platinum ratings); AND Arising from a successfully completed R&D project including laboratory tested research that has yet to reach commercialisation;OR Proven technology that has not been widely implemented either locally or overseas.

The demonstration must be carried out in the following conditions:

  1. Either in a new or existing building that belongs to the Host;
  2. Must be at least of a sizeable floor space;
  3. Must be in operation;
  4. Must include the installation of calibrated instruments to capture the performance data of the demonstrated technology.
  5. The demonstration must be completed within 3 years after implementation.
  6. There should not be any existing funding given out by other agencies for the same demonstration.
  7. The Lead Applicant (i.e. the Host) should have sufficient funding to complete the project.


Successful applicants would qualify for co-funding for the demonstration up to 70%, depending on the scale of the demonstration and the complexity of the technology/solution. The funding amount shall defer for each individual proposal according to the items listed that includes design and customisation; equipment, materials and installation; testing and commissioning; reporting. Removal of the technology may be supported if the technology fails to function.


Proposals submitted to BCA shall be evaluated by the appointed Project Evaluation Panel (PEP) comprising of members from the SLEB Programme, BCA’s Green Mark Departments and/or any partners whom may be co-opted at any point in time. The evaluation will be based on the eligibility criteria.

Shortlisted applications will be considered for funding where the quantum shall be decided based on the following criteria:

  1. Novelty of the technology;
  2. Potential for replication and commercialization;
  3. Energy savings;
  4. Ease of maintenance.
  5. In addition, the applications may be subjected to further screening to determine if a similar project had received funding from other agencies.

It would take on average about 1 month to process the application form. However, in some cases, more time may be required for the purposes of verification and seeking clarification.


Prior to submission, the project team is encouraged to schedule a meeting with the SLEB administrators for briefing and quick assessment. The Lead Applicant may then decide to submit the project proposal at any time.