Technoform Warm Edge Spacer

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Technology Category:
Facade and Envelope
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Technoform Bautec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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Suitability in Existing Building/New Development:
Existing Building , New Development
Suitability Climate Zones
Hot and humid , Hot and dry
Last Update Date
11/23/2018 16:52:18
Technology Keywords
Warm edge, Thermally improved spacer, Edge of glazing, Edge of glass, Edge seal, Edge bond
Technology Description
Warm Edge Spacer is used to separate glass in insulating glass units. A “Warm Edge Spacer” is defined by EN ISO 10077-2 as having a thermal conductance of less than 0.007 W/K. 

Technoform Warm Edge Spacer is a bendable warm edge spacer bar that offers the ultimate combination of good thermal performance, high productivity and value for money. Made of a high performance synergy of stainless steel and polypropylene, Technoform Warm Edge Spacer offers the highest levels of resistance against gas leakage. 

Technoform Warm Edge Spacer features low Psi-values for the glass edge and improves fenestration U-values and Window Energy Ratings whatever frame material is used, substantially reducing heat transfer at the edge of glass. Additionally, it minimises condensation, hence increasing the lifespan of insulating glass units.

Technoform Warm Edge Spacer is an advanced warm edge solution that meets all relevant quality and safety standards including EN1279 part 2 and part 3, Cekal and ASTM.
Estimated Life Time
0 years
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0 month
Technology Features
Technology Advantages
Improves thermal performance at the edge of glass
Reduces building envelope heat gain
Lowers electrical consumption and carbon emission due to cooling
Reduces condensation at the edge of the glass
Increases productivity during the fabrication of insulating glass units

Technology Limitation
Certifications and Awards
SGBP very good (2 ticks)