CM Fiber Cassette

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Tokyo Electron Device Singapore Pte. Ltd
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Existing Building , New Development
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Hot and humid , Hot and dry
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11/07/2018 15:50:20
Technology Keywords
NO Chemical, energy savings, Cooling tower, water.
Technology Description

CM Fiber Cassette (CMF) improves the environment in the cooling tower. It enables cost savings, high-efficiency operation and the extension of equipment life. CMF installs in the circulating of the cooling tower without any electric gas or oil energy. After1 to 2 weeks, the rust, scale and slime come off the pipe or water tank and prevent for future contamination.

Estimated Life Time
1 years
Estimated Lead Time
1 month
Technology Features
Technology Advantages

CM Fiber improves the environment inside the cooling tower.

Cost savings, high efficiency operation and equipment extension life.

CM Fiber does not need a power source, just putting it in circulating water, peel off rust, scale and slime attached to the cooling tower, piping, and suppress reattachment.

It prevents obstacles such as high pressure cutting and realizes smooth operation of equipment.

CM Fiber can operate with equipment operation continued.

Technology Limitation
Cost and Benefit Analysis

Energy reduction is estimated to be about 25% if usage is 24/7.
①Removal from chemical management
CMF will replace the use for chemical dosage on cooling tower operation. 
It helps to promote a pollution-free factory facility.
CM Fiber Cassette is a non-chemical product.

②Eliminate wasteful use of water resources
Reduce the frequency discharge of use the water during operation. It helps to reduce the water cost for the cooling tower operation.

③ Realization of power reduction effect
Scales and slime adhering to the inside of the cooling tower, piping and inside the heat exchanger lower performance. When scale and slime are removed, the operation load of the fan and pump will increase, and the pressure of the pump is also reduced.

④Environmental improvement through maintenance
It is expected that conventional maintenance methods of chemical use cannot cope with environmental standards from drainage problems. CM Fiber Cassette will contribute to safe and efficient environment for facility operation.