Dunham Bush Water to Water Heat Pump with Scroll Compressors (Model WCS-HP)

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Dunham-Bush International Pte Ltd
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Existing Building , New Development
Suitability Climate Zones
Hot and humid
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03/30/2019 08:55:37
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Dunham-Bush; WCS - HP; Heat Pump;
Technology Description

Dunham Bush Water to Water Heat Pump with Scroll Compressors (Model WCS-HP)
Heating Capacity: 11 to 74 TR (39 to 260 kW)

Estimated Life Time
20 years
Estimated Lead Time
3 month
Technology Features
Heat Recovery / Reclaim

Standard Features
] Scroll Hermetic type operating at 2950 RPM (50Hz)
] High EER, low sounds power level and a high reliability
] Controlled orbit with floating seals and advanced scroll geometry
] No-contact scroll design and 100% motor cooled by suction gas
] Thermostat fitted to prevent thermal overload
] Capability of 50% tandem unloading

] Uses Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHEs) for optimal performance reliability
] Holds approvals from PED (Europe) and UL (America)
] Smaller size compared to traditional Shell and Tube
] Optional Shell & Tube evaporator

] Vessels constructed in accordance to ASME CODES Sections VIII Division I for unfired pressure vessels
] Removable heads and interchangeable end-for-end for job flexibility
] 3/4” [19mm] OD seamless, extended surface copper tubes.
] 300psig [21 bar] on refrigerant side design pressure
] 150psig [10 bar] on water side design pressure
] Approval Stamp available from JKKP (Malaysia) and PED (Europe)

] Reliable microprocessor-based controller with electromechanical system is standard for all models

Technology Advantages
Multiple compressors for better part load
Technology Limitation