ULF Water Treatment System for Cooling Towers, BacComber

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Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd
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Existing Building , New Development
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Hot and humid , Hot and dry
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09/10/2018 13:42:07
Technology Keywords
Non-chemical water treatment system, green building product, water conservation, energy saving, environmentally-friendly product, green product, cost saving product
Technology Description
Non-chemical water treatment system using Ultra Low Frequency waves to control scaling, corrosion and biological contamination at cooling towers. Increases the number of COC and reduces blow-downs. Conserves water and increases energy efficiency. Eliminates the use of chemicals. Supports 100% recycling of water.
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Technology Features
Technology Advantages
Benefits of using BacComber:
] Great water savings by recycling all bleed off water
] Higher cycles of concentration (C.O.C) than conventional treatment
] Certified Singapore Green Building Product for Green Marks points credit
] No chemicals required
] Saves energy by better scaling control 
] Prolongs equipment life by better corrosion control 
] Meets NEA and other cooling water biological control standards
] Simple installation
] Good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) image
] Strong track records with reputable Telcos, Hospitals, Airlines, Transports, Buildings, F&B, Power plants, Chemical plants, Industrial plants and many others 
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