Singapore Safety Glass (SSG) VariShield Thermochromic Glass

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Facade and Envelope
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Singapore Safety Glass Pte Ltd
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Existing Building , New Development
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Hot and humid , Hot and dry
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01/30/2019 18:32:44
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VariShield, Thermochromic
Technology Description
VariShield, which allows approximately 50% transmission of visible light on cloudy days, at night or even early in the morning, will intuitively tint in full sunlight to achieve potentially 10% or less transmission into the interiors, depending on the sunlight angle and intensity. This reduced transmission also reduces the sun’s glare, heat and ultraviolet rays. This smart glass intuitively offers people a better environment to live, work & study throughout the day.
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Technology Features
VariShield adopts a thermochromic approach. This means that the window uses heat (thermo) to cause a“change in tint” (chromic). When not receiving heatfrom direct sunlight, the window will be in its natural,lightly tinted state. When receiving heat from direct sunlight, the heat will cause the glass to darken.
The variable light transmission tinting requires onlythat the glass be heated by direct sunlight; there areno wires, electrodes, power supplies, or controlapparatus required. VariShield is a completely smart, sunlight-activated system.
Technology Advantages

Acoustic Barrier - SSG® VariShield laminated glass provides excellent acoustic performance. When used in an insulated glass configuration, it further enhances its sound insulation properties against external noise.
Design Versatility - SSG® VariShield allows flexibility in design possibilities with its variation of different glass types to meet the individual performance requirements.
Energy Conservation - SSG® VariShield provides natural daylighting and allows for decreased use of electrical lighting, thus electrical demand is lowered. As SSG VariShield is very energy efficient, it will be possible for buildings and homes to install smaller, less expensive cooling systems.
Glare Control - The warmer the glass surface gets, the darker SSG® VariShield’s tint becomes. With this variable light transmission tinting, SSG® VariShield intuitively eliminates glare into interior spaces.
Heat Insulation - By controlling solar heat gain, SSG® VariShield lowers the amount of air conditioning loading, especially during mid-day when the heat from the sun is at its peak.
Safety and Security - SSG® VariShield incorporates the same PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) base material used in laminated safety glass. The PVB interlayer holds the glass in place when the glass breaks, providing enhanced safety and security for the end-user.
Ultraviolet Screening - SSG® VariShield is able to block 99% of UV light and dramatically reduces the sunlight’s damaging effects on furnishings and fading of interior fabrics.
Daylight Saving - SSG® VariShield is able to optimize light transmission, allowing sufficient light penetration into the building but still tints enough to reduce glare when there is direct sunlight. This will eliminate the use of blinds and artificial lighting.

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