GBIC R&D Projects Virtual Exhibition 2020

by BCA     09:54:05 22/09/2020

Overview of Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC)

The Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) is an integrated research, development and demonstration (RD&D) hub to experiment, exhibit and exchange knowledge of promising building energy efficient solutions with industry stakeholders.

Administered by BCA's Built Environment Research and Innovation Institute (BERII), GBIC aims to accelerate the development and adoption of promising building energy efficient technologies and solutions, as part of efforts to drive the green building development in Singapore. This virtual exhibition shows the latest green and smart innovation from GBIC R&D projects.

Project 1: Intelligent Building Automation and Analytics Using Model-predictive Control (MPC)

Project 2: An Integrated Intelligent Thermal Comfort Management System to Instil Behavioural Changes for Greener, Smarter and Healthier Buildings in the Tropics via Pervasive Sensing

Project 3: Real-Time Occupant Engaged Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring and Control System Using Wireless Sensor-Actuator Network for Smart Indoor Environments

Project 4: Smart Solutions Promoting Behaviour Driven Energy Efficiency: A Personality-based Energy Management System

Project 5: Green Building Management System - An Open IoT Platform Approach

Project 6: Scalable and Smart Building Energy Management Systems

For more details on GBIC, please contact Dr Yu Liming ([email protected])