BCA Super Low Energy (SLE) Challenge For New and Existing Non-Residential Buildings

By: Guang Yu 16:56:31 05/12/2018
Circular to Professional Institutes/Associations



1 The circular is to inform the industry on the BCA SLE Challenge for new and existing non-residential buildings.

2 During the recent 3rd Green Building Masterplan Review, recommendations were made to push the boundaries in terms of energy efficiency and move towards a low carbon built environment. Through numerous consultations with the industry, BCA has developed a Green Mark (GM) for Super Low Energy (SLE) buildings supplementary criteria. In conjunction with the launch of GM for SLE buildings, BCA is issuing an SLE Challenge for developers to take part voluntarily and support the aspirations to advancing net zero energy buildings in the tropics.

SLE Challenge

3 The SLE Challenge was launched by Minister (National Development) during the opening ceremony of Singapore Green Building Week on 5 September 2018. It seeks developers or building owners who are able to commit towards achieving at least one GM SLE project within the next 5 years.

4 Projects which achieve GM SLE certification will be given additional recognition for achieving the best-in-class energy efficient buildings beyond their Green Mark target ratings. Expected benefits from SLE projects include higher energy savings over the building’s life cycle and reduced carbon emissions to the environment.

5 As an annex of Green Mark assessment framework, Super Low Energy/ Zero Energy are awarded for improving sustainable design in terms of energy efficiency and adoption of renewable energy. The criteria, titled “Green Mark for Super Low Energy Buildings”, or “GM SLE” for short, is available through the following URL: https://www.bca.gov.sg/GreenMark/others/GM_SLE.pdf

Timeline and Award of Green Mark for SLE Projects
6 The BCA Green Mark for SLE will be opened for voluntary certification from 5 September 2018 (Effective Date) onwards. All new and existing non-residential building projects with Green Mark applications after the Effective Date may choose to be assessed as an SLE project with no extra assessment fees in addition to the Green Mark target rating.

7 Depending on the level of building energy efficiency performance, the building development will be eligible for awarding under one of the ratings namely BCA Green Mark Gold, GoldPLUS or Platinum – Super Low Energy or Zero Energy. The first batch of Green Mark SLE projects will be awarded at BCA Awards Night 2019.

For Clarification
8 We would appreciate if you could convey the contents of this circular to members of your organisation.